Comply with the European Directive Omnibus

Fine risk : 4% of the average annual turnover or, in the absence of information available or turnover, up to a maximum of 2 million euros

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Omnibus Directive

Since May 28 2022.

New provisions on price reduction have been added to all European countries Consumer Code, which defines the framework for promotions.

These new provisions come from the Directive 2019/2161 of European Parliament.

In summary.

A seller who wants to highlight a promotion should use as the reference price the lowest price of the last 30 days.

On all distribution channels : digital or physical store.

The suggested selling price can no longer be used as striked price .

How to comply ?

Goal :

☛ Have up-to-date information jour with the lowest prices of the last 30 days.

☛ Indicate the correct striked price during promotions.

How ?

1. Login

2. Datas export & historization of your datas

3. Export creation

4. CMS integration

The benefits :

☛ Effortless : A unique link with all your references.

☛ User friendly : Nothing to do, your datas are updated every day. Your prices for the last 30 days are immediately available.

☛ Nothing to set-up : Add an API connection to your Merchant Center.

☛ Automatic feed with your correct prices (optional).

SnapFeat Offer.

☛ SnapFeat. has created a simple tool that allows you to retrieve the correct striked price for each of your products, in a snap !

A full service solution full to export part or all of its prices for the last 30 days.

All your prices are registered once a day via the Google API where you can find your price, date and product ID by country.

We can program export updates with a daily access link.

Need a customized feed that complies with the latest guidelines?